Joint Operations Symposium

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Joint Operations Symposium (JOS) brings together senior Defence and Security leaders, practitioners, and experts to address major challenges facing the CAF and Defence. 

Joint Operations Symposium logo. It is a circle with a pentagon in the centre. In the middle is the Canadian Armed Forces crest. Surrounding it are images representing the five domains: cyber (an abstract graphic of the globe), space (a satellite in orbit), air (a CF-188 Hornet multi-role fighter aircraft), sea (the Royal Canadian Navy, Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship HMCS Harry DeWolf), and land (a Leopard 2A4M main battle tank).

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Upcoming Joint Operations Symposium

JOS 2024

Theme: Insights on and Solutions for Operational Challenges facing the CAF and Defence.

Keynote Speaker: Mr Michael Kofman (US) – Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


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