Operation ION

Operation ION is the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) support to Global Affairs Canada with the transportation of Canadian Entitled Persons (CEPs) and Foreign Nationals from Israel.

What is the CAF providing?

Initially, two CC-150 Polaris aircraft were committed to the operation, conducting daily assisted departure flights from Tel Aviv, Israel to Athens, Greece between 12-23 October 2023.

The last scheduled departure flight took place on 23 October.

Global Affairs Canada and the CAF have ceased further assisted departure flights as of 23 October 2023.The CAF will continue working closely with Global Affairs Canada to rapidly respond should conditions change and the demand for assisted departures increase. We will continue to monitor the situation.

What are they doing?

There were approximately 236 CAF personnel that were directly supporting these assisted departure flights. These personnel were part of an Air Task Force, including air and ground crews, as well as aeromedical staff based out of Athens, Greece.

Between 12-23 October, the CAF conducted 19 assisted departure flights evacuating over 1650 people to safety.

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