Operation SAVANNE

Operation SAVANNE is the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) response to the deteriorating security situation in Sudan. The CAF have deployed members to the region in support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and are conducting planning for various contingencies alongside partners and allies.


How Many People Are Deployed?

The size of the force deployed is based on careful assessments of the situation and is appropriately scaled to the current context in Sudan. Approximately 200 CAF members were on the ground in the region, in addition to members either serving onboard HMCS Montréal and its embarked CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, MV Astérix, and 2 CC-130J Hercules.

As the Government of Canada’s response has transitioned from emergency rescue efforts to consular support, most CAF units and elements will be re-deployed to Canada, repositioned elsewhere in Europe and the Middle East, or proceed on other priority missions around the globe.

What are they doing?

CAF members provided military expertise and advice to the Head of Mission to assist with the development of options and liaise with partners and allies to support the evacuation of Canadians from Sudan. Canada also contributed to the greater multinational efforts to evacuate as many foreign national eligible personnel as possible.

Two CC-130J Hercules conducted a total of six flights out of Wadi Seidna Airbase north of Khartoum, evacuating over 530 people, including Canadian Entitled Persons (176 Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents) and citizens of allied and like-minded nations.

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