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Montréal, Quebec, July 13, 2020 Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED)

The following information is in addition to the news release issued on July 13, 2020, on CED’s financial assistance; recipient businesses, accelerators and incubators; and their respective projects.


  • 46 projects supported by CED
  • $16,425,487 in financial contributions from CED


Region Recipient Activities funded by CED Contribution*
Bas-Saint-Laurent Praxar Inc. Marketing of a new generation of simulations and serious games $237,500
Capitale-Nationale Zilia Inc. Manufacture of demonstrators and client support services for the international marketing of a non-invasive ocular oximetry medical device that improves diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases $200,000
Capitale-Nationale Terlys Inc. Commercial launch of an innovative start-up that produces effective, safe and ecofriendly active ingredients for the dermocosmetic and personal care and health products market $50,000
Capitale-Nationale SVI eSolutions Inc. (website in French only) Marketing of an online learning software solution in French-speaking Europe and purchase of specialized equipment $225,000
Capitale-Nationale OxyNov Inc. Marketing in Europe of an innovative medical device for oxygen therapy and respiratory support $150,000
Capitale-Nationale Québec International, Entrepreneuriat Laval (website in French only) Development of a specialized, personalized support service for innovative technology start-ups in the city of Québec in the pre‑marketing and marketing phases $2,000,000
Capitale-Nationale Medscint Inc. Product development and marketing of a platform to improve quality control in radiation therapy $60,000
Capitale-Nationale Lü - Interactive Playground Inc. Development of demonstrators for an interactive teaching solution, commercial prospecting, development of promotional tools and certification expertise $300,000
Capitale-Nationale Stamped Technologies Inc. Upgrading and promotion of an application that enhances the productivity of SME accounting audits $50,000
Capitale-Nationale Sylroy Management Consulting Inc. (Manage With Success) Marketing of a human resources management software program $50,000
Capitale-Nationale Intelligent Cellars Inc. (Alfred) Development and international marketing of a software solution for managing wine cellars and caves $275,000
Capitale-Nationale Innodal Production launch and marketing of a bacteriocin $270,000
Capitale-Nationale Genius Solutions (Groupe conseil Cogismaq Inc.) Development of a tailored manufacturing production software package, and purchase of promotional material and computer equipment $350,000
Capitale-Nationale Geosapiens Inc. Upgrading and marketing in Canada of an application to analyse and manage flood risk $50,000
Capitale-Nationale Flash Romeo Inc. (Voilà!) Development of new functionalities for a scheduling management application and marketing in the U.S. $50,000
Capitale-Nationale Femtum Inc. Development and marketing of a multi-purpose micro-machining platform $105,000
Capitale-Nationale DimOnOff Inc. Marketing of new remote monitoring products for smart cities $175,000
Capitale-Nationale Today Is Art Day Creations Inc. Development and marketing of new figurines and an augmented reality mobile application $50,000
Capitale-Nationale Bridgesecure Technologies Inc. Development of a remote monitoring product and marketing of the product in Canada and the U.S. $50,000
Centre-du-Québec SnapSize Solutions Inc. Start-up, development and marketing of an innovative application for online clothing purchases $150,000
Chaudière-Appalaches TelFlex Technologie Inc. (Base Camp Connect) Prototype manufacturing and technology demonstration activities $99,900
Estrie / Montréal (inter-regional initiative) Accélérateur de création d’entreprises technologiques (ACET), Centre de l’entrepreneurship technologique de l’ETS (Centech) Development of specialized services for innovative, high-potential start-ups to support their growth and internationalization, in collaboration with two other sectoral technology incubators, CTS Santé and Zú $5,000,000
Lanaudière Beehivr Technology Deployment in Europe of a marketing strategy and online marketing and certification of data security procedures for the Beehivr Platform $90,000
Lanaudière LOGIQ Innovations Inc. International marketing and purchase of computer equipment for a new tailored software application for SMEs $135,000
Mauricie Novo Electronics Inc. Marketing of technology products in the U.S. $377,500
Mauricie Mikadoweb Solutions Inc. Functionality optimization for a hygiene and sanitation management software application for commercial, industrial and public building managers and development of new markets $142,016
Mauricie Expertise laser 3D - iSCAN Inc. Purchase of computer equipment $90,500
Mauricie Ulysse Biotech Inc. (website in French only) Purchase of production equipment and international marketing of exclusive, innovative biotechnology products in the fields of hygiene and crop production $161,326
Montérégie MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) Purchase and installation of advanced manufacturing equipment to reduce the environmental impact of development processes for electromechanical microsystems $1,000,000
Montréal Workland Marketing of the Atlas software program in Europe and in the U.S. $150,000
Montréal Mecademic Inc. Purchase of specialized digital equipment, automation of the robot manufacturing process and international marketing $450,000
Montréal Explorance Inc. International marketing of a survey platform and purchase of computer equipment $600,000
Montréal Facilis Inc. Marketing of the Mybys solution and collaboration software in the U.S. and Europe $100,000
Montréal Technologies Perkuto Inc. Marketing of digital marketing software in the U.S. $100,000
Montréal Jogogo Media Inc. Marketing of the Jogogo mobile engagement platform $50,000
Montréal Mechasys Marketing of a smart laser projection system $50,000
Montréal Koïos Intelligence Inc. Marketing of tailored products to streamline the pre-sale, sale and post-sale processes $100,000
Montréal Softunik Solutions Inc. Marketing of a human resources management software solution $50,000
Montréal Vinctus Technologies Inc. Establishment of a marketing strategy in the U.S. and Europe for ShuttleControl, a shuttle operations management software solution $50,000
Montréal Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Montréal (CEIM) Accompaniment and advice in the creation and start-up of innovative technology businesses through business incubation services $1,740,000
Montréal BizBiz Share Marketing of two transactional platforms in Canada and the U.S. $100,000
Montréal Cube Human Experience Inc. Establishment of a marketing strategy in the U.S. for CubeHX, a cloud-based software platform for the triangulation of neurophysiological data $100,000
Outaouais Quantum Synergy Solutions Inc. Purchase, adaptation and installation of bioreactors and related equipment $200,000
Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Optania Solutions Inc. Marketing in Canada and the U.S. of web solutions integrating artificial intelligence to support key players in the academic world by acting on key elements in academic perseverance $179,166
Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean CONFORMIT Technology Inc. Marketing in the U.S. of innovative health, safety and environmental software platforms $386,079
Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Trimoz Technologies (website in French only) Marketing of a mass appointment scheduling software solution $76,500

* The types of CED funding are repayable contributions, non-repayable contributions and grants.


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