Backgrounder: Government of Canada awards over $1.5M to seven Québec businesses


Québec, Quebec, October 11, 2022Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED)

The following information is in addition to the news release issued on October 11, 2022, on CED’s financial assistance and the recipient businesses and their respective projects.


  • 7 projects supported by CED
  • $1,575,000 in repayable contributions from CED
  • Total investment generated: $4,256,890


Funding recipient Project goal Main activities funded by CED CED’s contribution Total cost of the project


(Ai‑Genetika Inc.)

The goal of the project is to improve this biotech company’s innovation and production capacity.

CED’s funding will allow the company to acquire and install scientific equipment.

This equipment will serve to develop applications using artificial intelligence, biomarkers and biometrics to create a virtual human copy (or digital twin) to facilitate the early detection of diseases and the prediction of various health conditions.




(9328‑8082 Québec inc.)

The goal of the project is to allow this 3D food printing business to improve its productivity and implement an international marketing strategy.

CED’s funding will allow the company to acquire and install an automated production chain, participate in trade fairs, hire specialized sales and marketing resources and develop a website and promotional and advertising tools.



Femtum Inc.

The project aims to increase the innovation and production capabilities of this company, which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of lasers for micro-machining adapted to non-metallic materials.

CED’s funding will serve to adapt a laser used for micro-machining transparent polymers and semiconductors, and to acquire production equipment.



LumIR Lasers Inc.

The project aims to improve the production and marketing capacities of this optics/photonics sector business.

CED’s funding will allow the company to acquire equipment to manufacture mid-infrared fiber lasers that can be used as components for industrial and medical applications, such as esthetics and dentistry.



SIMCO Technologies Inc.

The project targets the development and commercialization of this materials engineering company.

CED’s funding will be used to acquire laboratory equipment, such as measuring instruments and an optical microscope; develop STADIUM software, which will allow for the integration of new analytical capabilities in the field of petrography; and to carry out various marketing activities.



Medscint Inc.

The project aims to increase the commercialization capacity of this technology company in the design, manufacture and marketing of a platform to improve quality control in radiation therapy.

CED’s funding will cover costs associated with obtaining medical device certifications; consulting services; and the manufacturing and use of commercial displays.



Hector Inc.

The project targets the commercialization of the services of this IT company on the European market.

CED’s funding will cover the costs associated with implementing an international marketing strategy, prospecting for new clients and tailoring the Web app to new markets.




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