Bird feeders network

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Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area

Bird feeders network Map
Map: © Environment Canada, 2014. Photo: © Fabrice Kerleau, 2014.
Long description for Bird Feeders Network Map

Map of Quebec’s Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area bird feeders network. Map shows the winter hiking trails in the Petite-Ferme sector of Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area territory. The trail entrance has a toll kiosk, accessible washrooms, a picnic area, a first-aid area and telephone. Another washroom location and picnic area can be found at the Érablière shelter (see Red Circle D).

Petite-Ferme sector

The Petite-Ferme sector points of interest and services are :

Red Circle A
Toll kiosk (proceed in eastern direction from the entrance to the National Wildlife area for a short distance)
Red Circle B
Petite-Ferme Service Area (proceed in eastern direction for a short distance from Red Circle A, toll kiosk)
Red Circle C
Workshop (proceed in northwest direction for a short distance from Red Circle B, service area)
Red Circle D
Érablière shelter (proceed in northwest direction for 4.6 kilometres from Red Circle B, service area)
Diamond 1 to 13
Bird feeders (found throughout the trail at various locations)

The winter hiking trails are :

Red Circle 1
Le Petit-Sault, Green Circle, 3.3 km, 1 hour 30
Red Circle 2
L’Érablière, Yellow Square, 4.6 km, 2 hour 15
Red Circle 3
L’Aulnaie, Yellow Square, 5.2 km, 2 hour 30
Red Circle 4
La Prucheraie, Yellow Square, 5.0 km, 2 hour 30

Distance are round-trip from the starting point of the sector. Estimated time is at a walking pace.

Please help us protect and maintain the site! We ask you to:

  • Respect the opening hours.
  • Stay on the marked trails at all times.
  • Do not damage the vegetation.
  • Take your garbage with you when you leave.


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