Effluent Regulatory Reporting Information System monitoring report: chapter 4

4.0 Quarterly Monitoring Report with Quarterly Averaging

If your wastewater system is required to provide quarterly reports with quarterly averaging, this section provides the steps necessary to submit the Monitoring Reports for a selected calendar year.

 It is assumed you have already selected the Monitoring Reports option from the Reports menu at the top of the ERRIS Welcome page and selected your wastewater system if your account is associated with more than one.

4.1 How to Create a Quarterly/Quarterly Monitoring Report

On the Monitoring Report List, there are four links per calendar year.  Any completed reports from previous years are shown in read-only mode.

1.     Select the Monitoring Report with a Status of “Available” or “Overdue” (if the report deadline has elapsed) by clicking on the Select button.

Figure 4-1: ERRIS Quarterly/Quarterly Monitoring Report List

ERRIS quarterly/quarterly monitoring report
  • The facility’s details are displayed at the top of the page under the Wastewater System Summary section, for informational purposes only.

You have the option of changing wastewater systems by clicking on the Change System button at the right-hand side of the page.

2.     Under the Effluent Monitoring Data heading, use the drop-down menu to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to answer the question “Was Effluent Deposited in this reporting Period?”

3.     If you answer ‘Yes’:

a)     Then answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each month beside the question: “For each month indicated, was Effluent Deposited?”

b)     Enter values in the key monitoring fields at the bottom of the report (i.e. the values entered cover the entire reporting period):

  • Number of days that effluent was deposited;
  • Total volume of effluent deposited (in cubic meters m3);
  • Average CBOD (mg/L); (CBOD = Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand);
  • Average concentration of  suspended solids (mg/L);  and
  • Maximum concentration of un-ionized ammonia (mg/L) (to 2 decimal places).

The un-ionized ammonia field must be reported for samples taken until June 30, 2014, inclusively.

Figure 4-2: ERRIS Monitoring Report - Entering Effluent Monitoring Data

ERRIS Monitoring Report - Entering effluent monitoring data

4.     If ‘No’ is selected to the question “Was Effluent Deposited in this reporting Period?”, ERRIS will automatically:

a)     Notify the user that, if any data was entered previously, it will be lost;

b)     Set all ‘Yes/No’ fields on the report to ‘No’; 

c)     Set all numerical fields in the bottom grid to ‘0’ and gray them out.

5.     Save the Monitoring Report as follows:

a)     As the WSER Signing Authority user role, you can either click on the Save button to validate and save the data, or click Save and Approve to validate and save the report. The system will then automatically proceed to the Approval page.

In the illustration above, the user has a WSER Signing Authority user role because they have the option to Save as well as Approve the report.

b)     If you are logged on as a WSER Regulatee for the wastewater system, you will only see and need to click on the Save button to validate and save the report data.  As a Regulatee, after you save a Monitoring Report, you will then have to inform the WSER Signing Authority for your organization that the report is available for their approval.

In either of the above cases, the report data is validated to verify that all information has been entered correctly. The report is then saved and made available for approval.

6.     On the Monitoring Report approval page, the WSER Signing Authority selects the “I approve this regulatory submission on behalf of…” checkbox.

Figure 4-3: ERRIS Monitoring Report - Approving Report

ERRIS Monitoring Report - Approving report

7.     Next, the WSER Signing Authority clicks the Approve Report button.

  • The following Monitoring Report Approval page is displayed with the statement: “You have successfully approved the Monitoring Report”.

Figure 4-4: ERRIS Monitoring Report - Confirmed Approval Window

ERRIS Monitoring Report - Confirmed Approval Window

8.     Click the Report List button to return to the page listing all monitoring reports for the selected wastewater system.

  • The report is shown as “Approved” under the Approval State heading and “Completed” under the Status heading.

Figure 4-5: ERRIS Monitoring Report List Window - Approval Status

ERRIS Monitoring Report List Window - Approval Status
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