Canada Water Act annual report for 2020 to 2021: chapter 9

9 Water data online

The Government of Canada’s Water website provides content on ECCC’s water-related activities and program areas as well as general information on a wide range of water-related topics and the full text of key water publications (such as the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River water levels). In addition, the site provides links to laws and regulations.

Unfortunately, the government’s web analytics software crashed and statistics regarding the data accessed in 2020-2021 (number of hits, visits and data downloaded) could not be developed for the sites below.

ECCC’s Wateroffice website provides public access to real-time and archived hydrometric data collected in Canada.

ECCC’s Meteorological Services of Canada Datamart provides access to weather, climate and water data as static files using open file formats.

Federal Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance data is available through various mechanisms:

  1. Freshwater quality data collections on the Government of Canada Open Data Portal:
  2. Two internal interactive websites allow search and extraction of freshwater quality monitoring and surveillance regional data that can easily be shared as required:
    • Envirodat-PYR Web data extraction – provides data for the Pacific and Yukon watershed.
    • Fresh Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance web mapping – provides data for the Great-Lakes, St. Lawrence and Atlantic watersheds.
  3. The Gordon Foundation’s DataStream integrates federal datasets with community based water quality monitoring data. ECCC has provided technical advice and expertise (with respect to water quality data) to support the expansion of and improvements in the platforms for Lake Winnipeg DataStream, Mackenzie DataStream and Atlantic DataStream.

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