Progress Report on the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative 2012 to 2013 and 2014 to 2014: appendix 2

Appendix 2

2012-2013 and 2013-2014 Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative Scientific Research, Modelling and Monitoring Projects

Research Projects

Project Title: Investigation of Nutrient Sources and Transport in Runoff from Agricultural Fields
Environment Canada Scientist: J. Elliott

Project Title: Quantification of the Fate and Effect of Nutrients from Agriculturally Dominated Watersheds Through Tributaries of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers
Environment Canada Scientists: P. Chambers, J. Culp

Project Title: Hydrology of Key Areas in the Lake Winnipeg Watershed: Assessment of the Role of Human Activity
Environment Canada Scientists: P. Marsh, C. Spence, J. Elliott, A. Vander Kamp

Project Title: Evaluation of Microbial Loop: Food Web Deficiency, Energy and Nutrient Flow, Recycling and Assessment of the Role of Nutrient Ratios and Cell Sequestration in the Development of Toxigenic Blooms
Environment Canada Scientists: S. Watson, J. Guo

Modelling Projects

Project Title: Flooding and Nutrient Export to Lake Winnipeg: Modelling the Effects of Land Use Changes, Wetland Drainage and Climate Variability
Environment Canada Scientists: P. Marsh, G. Benoy

Project Title: Hydrodynamic and Hydro Climatic Water Quality Models for Lake Winnipeg and Its Watershed and Assessment and Validation of Lake Winnipeg Web Portal Model Outputs: Optimization of Lake/Watershed Models to Achieve In-lake Water Quality Objectives
Environment Canada Scientists: R. Yerubandi, W. Booty

Monitoring Projects

Project Title: Effectiveness of Nutrient Objectives: Ecosystem Health at Critical Transboundary Monitoring Stations
Environment Canada Scientists: K. Farmer, P. Klawunn (with B. Holliday, D. Legault, B. Aiken, D. Fred)

Project Title: Biotic Monitoring: Entry Point of the Red River to Lake Winnipeg and Nutrients Sequestration (Marshes)
Environment Canada Scientists: T. Pascoe, T. McDaniel (with C. Hudon, D. Baird)

Project Title: Water Quality and Biotic Monitoring: Rainy River, Lake of the Woods, Winnipeg River Watersheds
Environment Canada Scientists: P. Klawunn, T. Pascoe, T. McDaniel

Project Title: Inter-agency Comparisons of Data to Ensure Compatibility, Inter-operability and Accessibility
Environment Canada Scientists: K. Farmer, B. Holliday, D. Fred

Project Title: Delineation of Red and Assiniboine River Basin Dissolved Nutrient N Sources and Transformations
Environment Canada Scientist: G. Koehler

Project Title: Spatio-temporal Nutrient Trends Recorded in the Biota of Lake Winnipeg and Red/Assiniboine River Watersheds
Environment Canada Scientist: K. Hobson

Project Title: Remote Sensing Methodologies: The Use of Image Processing Capabilities to Identify and Track the Evolution of Algal Blooms on Lake Winnipeg
Environment Canada Scientist: C. Binding

Project Title: Testing and Refinement of Priority Performance Indicators for Lake Winnipeg in Collaboration with Manitoba Water Stewardship
Environment Canada Scientists: J.F. Bibeault, T. McDaniel, K. Farmer, D. Seburn

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