National Water Data Archive: HYDAT

National Water Data Archive

Hydrometric data are collected and compiled by Water Survey of Canada’s eight regional offices. The information is housed in two centrally-managed databases: HYDEX and HYDAT.

HYDEX is the relational database that contains inventory information on the various streamflow, water level, and sediment stations (both active and discontinued) in Canada. This database contains information about the stations themselves such as; location, equipment, and type(s) of data collected.

HYDAT is a relational database that contains the actual computed data for the stations listed in HYDEX. These data include: daily and monthly means of flow, water levels and sediment concentrations (for sediment sites). For some sites, peaks and extremes are also recorded.

WSC now offers hydrometric data and station information in a single downloadable file, either in Microsoft Access Database format or in SQLite format, updated on a quarterly basis.

Users who seek the most recent hydrometric information can also use our online search tools and real-time website listed on the Data Products and Services page.

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