Government of Canada and Province of Nova Scotia fund state-of-the-art, retail packaging facility for seafood sector


The Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia are pleased to announce funding of more than $10.3 million for 12150484 Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Ocean Choice International Inc. The funding – with a total contribution of $10,339,504 – will support adopting some of the most advanced state-of-the-art processing and packaging equipment available. 

Recipient Government of Canada funding Total project cost Project description
12150484 Canada Inc. Repayable AFF Contribution: $8,000,000

Repayable ACOA Contribution: $2,339,504
$13,842,635 12150484 Canada Inc. receives funding for building renovations and to purchase and install state of the art secondary and value-added processing equipment for a new retail packaging facility in Nova Scotia.
This new facility will allow for improved productivity, efficiency and open new retail market opportunities for the company with a main focus to deliver new retail-ready seafood products to Ocean Choice International's retail customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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