Funded projects for the Oceans Management Contribution Program


Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO) Oceans Management Contribution Program offers $145 million over 5 years to support outreach, monitoring and stewardship, and capacity building initiatives to achieve Canada's commitment to marine conservation targets. The funding is for national projects as well as projects that focus on regional collaboration with key partners across the country.

The Program’s first national Call for Proposals ran from December 2021 to February 2022. With a total of $6.9 million in funding for multi-year projects, the 14 recipients described below will help Canada achieve its ambitious marine conservation targets.

The Program’s second national Call for Proposals will be closing December 19, 2022.

Funded projects for the Oceans Management Contribution Program
Funding recipient Project title Project Description Term/Years Funding Amount

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation

Protecting Coastal Wetlands in Nova Scotia through Stewardship and Collaboration

The Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation will build capacity for assessing and improving coastal wetlands via ocean conservation and restoration.



Coastal Restoration Society

Indigenous Marine Conservation and Restoration Education Initiative

In partnership with Eco-Canada, local non-profits, Indigenous partners, and federal and provincial governments, the Coastal Restoration Society will build a three-week marine conservation and restoration BEAHR training program that focuses on sustainable monitoring and stewardship for coastal Indigenous communities.



Cortes Island Community Foundation

Cortes Island Academy's Our Oceans Marine Conservation and Stewardship Program

The Cortes Island Academy Foundation, in partnerships with Campbell River School District 72 and numerous island-based community groups, will develop youth ocean science literacy and increase capacity for the stewardship, management and monitoring of marine spaces.



Dalhousie University - Oceans School

INFORM, ENGAGE, EMPOWER: Building marine conservation literacy and observational capacity in Canada

Dalhousie University’s Oceans School will improve ocean conservation literacy and help build greater societal engagement and observational capacity towards the establishment, monitoring, and successful management of existing and emerging networks of marine protected areas and other are-based effective conservation measures in Canada.



Ecology Action Centre

Building capacity for management and community-based stewardship of eelgrass meadows in the Maritimes

Ecology Action Centre will advance eelgrass meadow conservation in the Maritime provinces by building capacity for regional and Indigenous information sharing and collaboration, supporting local conservation initiatives, and analyzing protections.



Humber Arm Environmental Association Inc.

Baseline Data Collection and Coastal Stewardship - Burgeo, NL

Humber Arm Environmental Association Inc. will identify knowledge gaps related to the health of marine spaces in the Burgeo region in order to better understand the ecosystem and build community support for coastal conservation measures.



Live It Earth Productions Inc.

Coastal: a Canadian Ocean Education Series

Live It Earth Productions Inc. will use storytelling to increase knowledge and awareness among youth of the importance of marine conservation at the national and global scale.



National Indian Brotherhood (AFN)

Supporting National First Nations Discussions on Marine Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas

The National Indian Brotherhood (AFN) will increase First Nations’ capacity to contribute to and support the development of marine conservation and management activities as well as provide increased engagement opportunities between First Nations, DFO and other federal departments.



Ocean Wise Conservation Association

Data Integration via Citizen Science to Inform MPA Conservation Actions

The Ocean Wise Conservation Association will increase and improve data integration of citizen science for the purpose of establishing new marine protected areas in the Pacific as well monitoring existing areas.



Students on Ice Foundation

Ocean Conservation Expeditions in Atlantic Canada

The Ocean Conservation Expeditions will bring together educational and research partners as well as Indigenous community representatives to educate youth on the importance of marine conservation, and take an active role in skills and technology development.



The University of Victoria

FishSounds Educate: Conserving Canada’s Marine Ecosystems Through Engagement, Education, and Ocean Literacy

The University of Victoria will develop an approach for monitoring social and social-ecological outcomes of marine protected area networks, and collect data prior to network implementation. This will provide a baseline for measuring the impacts of these networks.



Voyis Imaging Inc.

IMAGE - Image Mapping & Analysis for Governance and Education

Voyis Imaging Inc. will advance ocean monitoring by developing and testing a new survey solution that minimizes impacts on ecosystems, with direct involvement of Indigenous communities and other stakeholders.



Western Canadian Universities Marine Sciences Society

Collaborative kelp forest monitoring to support effective kelp conservation and restoration in the Broughton Archipelago

Western Canadian Universities Marine Sciences Society will conduct a comprehensive assessment of kelp forests and their potential for conservation and recovery in the Broughton Archipelago.



World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada)

Working with Indigenous communities and experts to mobilize knowledge, map and monitor coastal blue carbon habitats in Canada

WWF-Canada will support Indigenous and coastal communities to investigate emerging needs for knowledge, mapping, monitoring and the protection of coastal blue carbon habitats.



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