Government of Canada and Province of New Brunswick fund new technology for snow crab vessels


Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Province of New Brunswick are pleased to announce funding of $670,073 for nine companies through the Atlantic Fisheries Fund, for new technology on snow crab vessels.

The funding will help these companies install refrigerated seawater systems, allowing them to catch and hold snow crab on board vessels in seawater, improving product quality. Infrastructure improvements like this allow the fish and seafood sector to continue to improve effectiveness and sustainability.

Recipient Location Total project
AFF Funding
Pêcheries Gaëtan H. Ltée Lamèque $157,500 $74,813
Investissements Donald Haché Inc. Lamèque $142,000 $71,000
Pêcheries M.J.L. Haché Ltée Lamèque $337,680 $75,000
Julie Patrick Ltée Lamèque $150,675 $75,000
Pêcheries Nicole-Rémi (2016) Ltée Shippagan $200,000 $75,000
Pêcheries R.A. Noël Ltée Shippagan $229,650 $75,000
Pêcheries Serge René Ltée Shippagan $168,900 $75,000
Les Pêcheries Ricky-Timmy Ltée Bas-Cap-Pelé $168,900 $75,000
Pêcheries Martin
Duguay Ltée
Lamèque $158,000 $74,260
  Total $1,713,305 $670,073

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