Backgrounder - Canada’s humanitarian and development assistance to Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon


The conflict in the Middle East continues to affect millions of vulnerable people in Syria and in the neighbouring countries of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

Humanitarian funding to NGOs

Syria - $108 million over three years

Canada’s innovative, multiyear humanitarian funding helps address the needs of conflict-affected people throughout Syria, so our partners can operate as efficiently as possible in this crisis.

With support from Canada, partners are delivering health services, including mental, sexual and reproductive health; water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions; and protection services for at-risk conflict-affected populations, including gender-based-violence survivors, women, children and youth.

Partners are also engaged in providing agricultural and urban livelihood opportunities and training, such as increasing productivity on cultivated land, supporting women to grow gardens and raise productive animals for domestic consumption and establishing community greenhouses.

Note: For security reasons, NGO partners working inside Syria are not publicly named.

Iraq - $52 million over three years

CARE - $7.5 million to provide critical water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services up to 117,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) and members of host communities in Dohuk and Ninewa governorates.

Handicap International - $9 million to help meet the emergency needs of up to 95,000 of the most vulnerable persons in camps and host communities and those returning to their original place of residence, such as those with disabilities and psychosocial distress, through the provision of specialized health care and protection.

International Medical Corps U.K. - $8 million to help meet the health and protection needs of up to 252,000 crisis-affected Iraqis and to work with local health service providers in Erbil, Baghdad and Ninewa to improve the quality of services provided to patients through the training of medical staff and providing medical equipment and medicines.

Islamic Relief - $3 million to the filling of a critical gap in the protection sector for up to 5,000 women and girls, by ensuring adequate health services are available to crisis-affected survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

Médecins du Monde - $8 million to increase access to free quality health care and services for up to 305,000 crisis-affected Iraqis among the most vulnerable populations in Dohuk, Ninewa and Kirkuk governorates, and to improve the quality of services provided to patients through training medical staff and providing medical equipment and medicines.

Mercy Corps - $8.5 million to reduce the vulnerability of crisis‐affected adolescent girls and boys in Erbil, Baghdad and Salah ad Din through the development of positive social networks, multi-service youth centres and increased community engagement, benefiting up to 55,000 individuals.

Oxfam-Québec - $8 million to meet the acute needs of Iraqi IDPs and host communities by providing WASH assistance, essential household relief items such as non-food goods, income-generation opportunities and protection to up to 90,000 individuals.

Jordan - $28.2 million over three years

CARE - $7.2 million to provide protection and livelihood opportunities for up to 44,000 vulnerable refugees and their host communities through the provision of emergency cash assistance and psychosocial support.

Development and Peace - $12 million to provide primary, emergency and maternal and child health care and protection services to up to 160,000 beneficiaries, including female Syrian refugees, as well as host communities in Jordan.

Mercy Corps - $9 million to contribute to protection and livelihood opportunities benefiting up to 41,900 people, with a focus on youth, women and girls, through the provision of safe spaces for youth, skills training and psychosocial support.

Lebanon - $51.3 million over three years

Canadian Red Cross - $4.3 million to support the Lebanese Red Cross and Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the delivery of quality primary health care and emergency medical services for vulnerable individuals such as women, adolescents, children and newborns.

Development and Peace - $8 million to provide physical and mental health services as well as protection to up to 41,000 beneficiaries, including Syrian refugees, mainly women.

International Medical Corps U.K. - $10 million to contribute to the provision of primary health care, mental health and psychosocial support services, as well as protection services, to up to 118,000 beneficiaries.

Médecins du Monde - $10 million to contribute to the availability of comprehensive health care services for up to 315,000 Syrian refugees and vulnerable people in Lebanon.

Mercy Corps - $10 million to support the delivery of psychosocial support, social and recreational activities in safe spaces and skills training benefiting up to 56,000 individuals, mainly youth.

Oxfam-Québec - $4.5 million to support the provision of water and sanitation services as well as various protection programs. This includes activities to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in underserved, informal tented settlements and strengthen local capacities to improve access to basic and specialized protection services, including legal assistance for crisis-affected people. These activities will benefit up to 8,800 crisis-affected people.

World Relief - $4.5 million to contribute to the provision of quality health services to up to 156,000 vulnerable Syrian refugees and host-community members.

Development-focused programs

Bolstering Reconstruction in Iraq through Development, Growth and Employment (BRIDGE) - $17.5 million over five years

This project will aim to address the urgent need for short-term stabilization by supporting a transition to new livelihoods for conflict-affected youth, including ex-combatants and adult women, working in service sectors critical to reconstruction in Iraq, such as construction and health care.

Promoting Social Cohesion through Community Support project with Mercy Corps - $750,000 for six months to address the immediate development needs in communities hosting IDPs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and mitigate tensions in targeted communities of northern Iraq by building social cohesion.

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