Canada’s support to Women’s Voice and Leadership Initiative in Haiti


Today, Canada announced $8.3 million (2017-2018 to 2022-2023) to a Women’s Voice and Leadership initiative in Haiti led by the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI).

Women and girls continue to be significantly disadvantaged in Haiti, where high rates of gender-based violence, lack of access to higher education, unequal pay, and underrepresentation in politics and public administration continue.

Canada’s support to this Women’s Voice and Leadership project will enable local women’s organizations to implement their initiatives, and strengthen their capacity to promote and defend rights, and empower Haitian women and girls.

This initiative will advance gender equality in Haiti by contributing to improving:

  • the management and sustainability of more than 20 grassroots women’s organizations and up to six women's umbrella organizations in Haiti;
  • the performance, effectiveness and quality of service delivery of local women's organizations; and
  • the effectiveness of six advocacy groups who are trying to influence the development of gender-sensitive laws and policies.

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