Canada Expo 2020 Dubai partners with the National Film Board of Canada to showcase Canada's creative industries

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Canada Expo 2020 Dubai has partnered with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) to commission a major installation for the cultural program and visitor experience at the Canada Pavilion in Dubai. This partnership with Canada's award-winning public producer will highlight Canada's diverse and innovative creative industries. NFB will work in collaboration with KANVA Architecture, Original Concept, Creative Art Direction & Production Design, independent artist Étienne Paquette, Multimedia Design & Art Direction, and Creos Experts-Conseils, Production Direction to create the installation.

The artistic installation TRACES will be featured in the Canada Pavilion on the Expo 2020 Dubai site from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. Developed around the idea of ​​the imminent disappearance of our landscapes and its wildlife, this work raises awareness about the alteration of our ecosystems caused by climate change.  The immersive and interactive installation will then transform into a legacy piece, travelling the world on a five-year international exhibition tour under the responsibility of the NFB.

Founded in 1939, the NFB is one of the world’s great creative laboratories and a leader in gender equity in film and digital media production. Displaying their work at Expo 2020 Dubai will reinforce the diversity and vitality of our culture and bolster international business objectives. 


The National Film Board of Canada is one of Canada's leading contributors to its creative industries and has been involved in several International Expositions, from Montréal in 1967 to Shanghai in 2010. We are pleased to collaborate with them to deliver a memorable work of art that will promote cultural diplomacy and showcase Canadian creative talent and expertise abroad.”

- Veronica Silva, Interim Commissioner General for Canada at Expo 2020 Dubai 

“The National Film Board of Canada stands out for its creative collaborations with artists and technicians throughout the country. It produces documentaries, auteur animation, interactive narratives, and participatory experiences that receive millions of views every year, inspiring conversations, learning, and discovery. At Expo 2020 Dubai, we are continuing our tradition of boldness and innovation, as demonstrated through decades of showcasing homegrown talent and works at major international events.”

- Claude Joli-Coeur, Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of the NFB

Quick facts

  • Canada’s trade diversification strategy is investing $1.1 billion over the next six years to help Canadian businesses access new markets.

  • Canadian exports of cultural products in 2017 were valued at $15.7 billion, with audio-visual and interactive media, including film and video production and post-production services, being a significant contributor to trade within this sector.

  • Participating in Expo 2020 Dubai aligns with the Government of Canada’s trade diversification strategy and will showcase the best that Canada has to offer to a global audience of millions of visitors.

  • More than 150 Canadian companies across a variety of sectors maintain a presence in the UAE, largely as a base for their operations in the region. 

  • Canada recognizes the importance of this Exhibition for Dubai, as it is the first city to host a World Expo in the Middle East, particularly as the UAE celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2021.

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