Statement regarding Ecuador’s unauthorized entry into Embassy of Mexico


April 11, 2024 - Ottawa, Ontario - Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada today issued the following statement on the unauthorized entry by Ecuadorian authorities into the Embassy of Mexico, in Quito, Ecuador, on April 5, 2024:

“Canadian officials have reviewed in detail the footage of the unauthorized entry by Ecuadorian authorities into the Embassy of Mexico in Quito on April 5 that was a clear violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

“That’s why yesterday during a special emergency session of the Organization for American States, Canada joined with its regional partners in condemning the actions undertaken by Ecuador.

“The obligations in the Vienna Convention are fundamental to the conduct of foreign relations and ensure that diplomats can perform their duties. The host government must take all appropriate steps to prevent any attack on their persons, freedom or dignity. The host government is also obligated to respect the inviolability of diplomatic missions.

“Canada condemns all violations of the Vienna Convention and of international law and reaffirms its strong disappointment that Ecuador has done so in this case.

“We urge Mexico and Ecuador to engage in dialogue to resolve their differences in the spirit of peaceful coexistence typical of our close regional partners.

“Global Affairs Canada will continue to monitor the situation closely.”


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