Employment opportunities at Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Find out what types of positions are available at Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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What types of jobs are available at Health Canada?

With more than 10,000 employees across Canada, Health Canada has job opportunities for:

  • nurses
  • doctors
  • scientists
  • inspectors
  • researchers
  • policy analysts
  • corporate professionals in fields like:
    • information technology
    • finance
    • administration
    • communications
    • human resources
  • and more…

What types of jobs are available at the Public Health Agency of Canada?

With approximately 2300 employees across Canada, the Public Health Agency has job opportunities for:

  • doctors
  • analysts
  • scientists
  • biologists
  • technicians
  • researchers
  • veterinarians
  • epidemiologists
  • medical specialists
  • public health nurses
  • corporate professionals in fields like:
    • information technology
    • finance
    • administration
    • communications
    • human resources
  • and more…

What are the responsibilities of some of the positions?

Browse some of the career overviews to see where your interests and talents might fit into our diverse team:

Administrative or Executive Assistant

Administrative and Executive Assistants provide administrative/executive support services to managers and staff.

You will:

  • arrange travel and hospitality
  • research and prepare materials for meetings
  • prepare a variety of materials, correspondence and information
  • distribute information to staff, external clients and stakeholders
  • compile data and information for tracking and reporting purposes
  • input data in a variety of administrative, financial and program databases, records and systems
  • coordinate and arrange meetings, teleconferences and conferences for colleagues and your manager

Communications Officer

Communications Officers enable effective communications, outreach and engagement with Canadians

You will:

  • assist in preparing communications products
  • provide research, writing, editing and scheduling support
  • participate in initiatives from across the organization, including:
    • marketing
    • media relations
    • creative services
    • web and e-communications
    • internal, ministerial and corporate services

Community Health Nurse

Community Health Nurses provide a comprehensive range of core nursing functions and services in First Nations and Inuit communities.

You will:

  • focus on care that is:
    • urgent
    • curative
    • palliative
    • emergent
    • supportive
    • rehabilitative
  • promote and maintain the health of:
    • individuals
    • communities
    • family groups
    • larger populations
  • promote disease and injury prevention and population health protection
  • deliver services in program areas of community and public health as well as primary and home care

Epidemiologist or Biostatistician

Epidemiologists and Biostatisticians conduct epidemiological and biostatistical:

  • studies
  • surveys
  • projects
  • research
  • analyses

You will:

  • contribute to the development of discussion, position and policy papers
  • be involved with project teams that recommend analytical methods, research and study approaches
  • participate in national committees, meetings, symposia and conferences to discuss epidemiological and biostatistical:
    • data
    • issues
    • trends
    • results
    • information and standards requirements

Information and Records Management Specialist

Information and Records Management Specialists work in the development of information and records management classification structures and guidelines.

You will:

  • assist management to develop function-based records classification structures
    • ensuring their implementation and application in managing information
    • monitoring and reporting on their application
  • provide advice and guidance regarding the application of central agency and departmental:
    • policies
    • directives
    • standards
    • guidelines

Laboratory Biologist

Laboratory Biologists conduct:

  • methodical analyses
  • research projects
  • experiments to develop, modify and validate:
    • directions
    • techniques
    • procedures
    • methodologies
    • new laboratory approaches

You will:

  • review scientific literature
  • collect, analyze and interpret data and research to present to colleagues, management and stakeholders
  • work with senior staff and research scientists to help:
    • prioritize research and projects
    • select techniques and methodologies

Laboratory Chemist

Laboratory Chemists conduct:

  • analyses
  • methods developments and validations
  • data interpretations for studies of chemicals and other materials for stakeholders

You will:

  • operate and maintain computerized scientific instruments
  • participate in the development of quality control procedures
  • review and interpret scientific study results and provide advice on the completeness and validity of data used in:
    • standards setting
    • product evaluation
    • research and risk assessment

Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technicians:

  • organize, maintain or assist in experiments
  • provide technical support in a laboratory or field setting

You will:

  • collect and compile test results and identify anomalies and their potential causes
  • help with the technical and logistical planning and design of experiments and projects

Policy Analyst

Policy Analysts are responsible for:

  • analyzing the results of economic, socio-economic, statistical and policy research
  • tracking and monitoring issues related to a portfolio of specific health-related policy issues
  • issues involve domestic and international trends and developments in support of the policy development function
  • providing suggestions concerning policy implications to more senior policy analysts

You will:

  • develop and prepare:
    • charts
    • brochures
    • databases
    • fact sheets
    • narrative reports
    • data collection methods and manipulation techniques

Program Officer

Program Officers contribute to the delivery and administration of public-directed programs and services.

You will:

  • respond to requests for information
  • find solutions to operational problems
  • promote and ensure compliance with legislation
  • review applications and submissions from external clients and private organizations

Quarantine Officer

Quarantine Officers identify biosecurity risks at points of entry to Canada. You will assess ill travellers at land, sea and air borders.

As a medical professional, you will:

  • report on medical findings
  • liaise with local officials to minimize the risk of infectious diseases
  • conduct health assessments to determine if travellers need additional health measures

Regional Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Officer

Regional Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Officers conduct inspections and compliance verifications of regulated products and industries. This is in order to assess compliance and enforce applicable legislation.

You will also:

  • respond to inquiries and complaints from:
    • partners
    • the public
    • regulated parties

Regulatory Affairs Officer

Regulatory Affairs Officers screen, review and analyze health product submission documents to determine their compliance with:

  • standards
  • screening criteria
  • acts and regulations

You will:

  • provide scientific and regulatory advice regarding product guidelines, policies, processes and procedures
  • review scientific labelling developed by manufacturers for compliance with Health Canada labelling standards
  • contribute to the development, revision or implementation of standards, policies, guidelines, processes or systems related to regulatory activities

Security Analyst, IT Security

Security Analysts provide technical support to internal and external clients and stakeholders in the development, implementation, integration and maintenance of components of IT infrastructure and operations.

You will:

  • update and maintain hardware and software inventory
  • support backup and recovery processes and procedures
  • assess impact of hardware and software changes on the IT environment in the office

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