Thallium and its compounds

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These substances were identified for action under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). This screening assessment focuses on the thallium moiety and therefore considers all thallium-containing substances, that may release thallium as well as thallium in its elemental form, and thallium released in the environment in dissolved, solid or particulate forms. This includes 5 thallium-containing substances identified as priorities for assessment, which are listed in the table below.

Summary of publications
Substance group CAS RN Common name DSL or R-ICL name Draft screening assessment Risk management scope Proposed conclusion on section 64 criteria Follow-up activities
Thallium and its compounds 7440-28-0Table 1 footnote a Thallium Thallium HTML HTML Meets one or more of the criteria Refer to risk management scope
563-68-8 Thallium(I) acetate Acetic acid, thallium(1++) salt
7791-12-0 Thallium chloride Thallium chloride
10031-59-1Table 1 footnote b Thallium(I) sulfate Sulfuric acid, thallium(1+) salt (1:?)
55172-29-7Table 1 footnote b 201TlCl Thallium chloride (201TlCl)
Date Activity
September 2021 Anticipated publication of the final screening assessment and proposed risk management approach.
September 19, 2020 Publication and start of 60-day public comment period on the draft screening assessment and risk management scope. The related notice was published in the Canada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 154, No. 38.

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