Infographic: Equipping Canadians – Mental Health Throughout Life

Population Health Intervention Research

Phase I: Design, test and implement (~18 months)

  • Innovative population health interventions
  • Address underlying factors
  • Design
  • Development
  • Adaptation
  • 15 Projects funded
  • Focus on children, youth and families to achieve positive mental health 
  • Healthy conditions
  • Supportive communities and schools
  • For rural remote, Northern and underserved communities to achieve positive mental health  
  • The design, development, adaptation and implementation of innovative population health interventions including the development of partnerships 

Phase II: Expanded implementation, partnerships and evaluation (up to 4 years)

  • Populations
  • Communities in rural, urban, remote and Northern locations
  • Over 800 communities
  • All provinces and territories
  • Over 280,000 program participants
    • Practitioners/professionals/service providers: Over 62,000
    • Policy Makers: 1700
    • Public: Over 1,209,000
    • Total: Approximately 1,555,000
  • Interventions
  • 9 projects funded
  • Northern Community-Based Initiatives
  • Locally developed child and youth mental health and wellness interventions in the North
  • Culturally appropriate programming for Aboriginal children and youth to increase healthy relationships, confidence, sense of belonging and academic success
  • School-based interventions that influence risk and protective factors
  • Focus on increasing the social and emotional competence of children and youth in a way that enhances existing supports and builds on community strengths
  • Addressing parenting competencies & family cohesion
  • Focus on parents and caregivers to develop skills and knowledge to support positive mental health from birth to age 6. Delivered in-home and in the community
  • Partners
  • Intersectoral partners such as:
    • Communities
    • Government
    • School Boards
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Universities
    • Public Health Departments
    • Ministry of Education
  • Over 300 organizations
  • Provincial, territorial, municipal or local level
  • Evaluations
  • Intervention outcomes and processes measured across multiple sites
  • Expanded implementation and delivery of interventions with partners, including the evaluation of the population health intervention in multiple sites

Phase III: scale up, knowledge mobilization and policy change (Up to 3 years)

  • Scale up
  • Increase the reach and impact of successful interventions to benefit more people and to foster sustainable policy and program development
  • 4 projects funded
  • Leverage existing partnerships and programs
  • Integrate into existing systems and policy
  • New opportunities
  • Engage policy makers
  • Increase the likelihood that the results of the program will be applied
  • Increase the reach and impact of successful interventions to benefit more people and to foster sustainable policy and program development

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