Tobacco: A deadly product

1 Canadian dies from tobacco-related illness every 14 minutes

115,000 Canadians became daily smokers in 2015

82% of current daily adult smokers had their first cigarette by the age of 18

1 in 4 Canadian youth aged 15-19 have tried a vaping product

Health Canada's plan to strengthen Canada's tobacco control framework

Reducing the appeal of tobacco products

New plain packaging requirements for all tobacco products

Responding to the challenge of vaping products

New legislation to protect youth while providing adults with legal access to potentially less harmful alternatives to tobacco

Protecting young Canadians from inducements to tobacco use

Prohibitions on menthol in cigarettes, blunt wraps and most cigars

Charting a new course for tobacco control

Consultations with Canadians on the modernization of the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy

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Organization: Health Canada

Published: 2016-11-22

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