Safety of 5G technology 

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The following video uses colourful, drawn images for illustration.

(The opening sequence depicts a communication tower with radio waves emanating from it, which are received in the next scene by an old-fashioned radio which is playing music)

We’ve been using radio waves to communicate, well, since the invention of the radio.

(Different styles of cell phones appear one after the other)

Cellular phones use radio waves too, just at different frequencies.  They have been around for more than 40 years. As technology changes, the frequencies we use to communicate change too.

(Three people are seen working on laptops and tablets while leaning on a large stylized number 5 and the letter G as though they were furniture.)

Every new generation of cellular networks has allowed more data to be shared faster, to meet the needs of people, businesses, emergency services, air navigation, health care and more.

(icons representing people, businesses, emergency services and airplanes appear one after the other)

The new 5th generation network – or 5G - is faster but it is still using radio waves and it is still at levels far below the threshold at which it could have any adverse effect on human health.

(A  large round shape moves upward from the bottom of the screen. Most of it is green and a bar at the top is in orange to show that there is a large gap between current levels and the level that might have an adverse effect on human health.)
Text on screen at the bottom says “Canada’s limits”. Text in the middle of the screen: “Safety Margin”. Text at the top of the screen: “Threshold”)

(A young woman is holding a cell phone)

There are a lot of myths out there, but the truth is that radio waves from cell phones and cell towers can’t spread anything other than information.
Learn more about radiofrequency EMF and 5G on

(Text on Screen: “

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