The Break It Off tour - Described video


Transcript - The Break It Off tour - Described video

In fast-motion, young adults visit a Break It Off event activation at a school campus. They talk to information ambassadors and interact with various activities.

The pace slows down to regular motion. The camera stops to a close-up of the Break It Off kiosk, featuring the tagline - Be Done With Smoking - and promotional items.

Word on screen: Prizes. A poster features the quiz called 'Test Your Knowledge'. Visitors are shown answering multiple-choice questions on a tablet.

A poster featuring the rules of an activity called "Smart Darts" is shown. Words on screen: Interactive Activities. Players are shown throwing cigarette-shaped darts at a Velcro target for a chance to win prizes.

Another activity featured is a large-scale version of Kerplunk. A clear cylinder containing giant-sized plastic cigarettes, criss-crossed, on which red foam hearts are resting. Players are shown competing to remove the giant cigarettes one at a time, releasing the hearts.

Words on screen: Tools and resources. Visitors are featured chatting with information ambassadors and collecting mints, stickers, stress balls, bracelets, and bookmarks.

Poster: Be done with smoking. Visit an event near you! Break It Off dot c-a. Health Canada and Canadian Cancer Society logos.

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