Your cannabis questions, answered. Addiction. (0:16)


Transcript - Your cannabis questions, answered. Addiction. (0:16)

A young female illustrated character sits in a kitchen. The clock cycling through as well as the sun falling and moon rising in the background indicate that days are passing. She remains seated in the same position. Dishes pile up beside the sink and a flower in a pot leans over. A sound effect cues a speech bubble that appears above her head.

Text appears in the speech bubble: If I smoke weed every day, can I get addicted?

A cup falls from the tower of stacked dishes and makes a smashing sound effect, which cues the next screen.

Text appears on screen: Yes. 1 in 6 who start using cannabis as teens get addicted.

Text appears on screen with the Government of Canada logo: Your cannabis questions, answered at

The Canada wordmark appears on screen.

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