Your cannabis questions, answered. Mental health. (0:16)


Transcript - Your cannabis questions, answered. Mental health. (0:16)

A group of illustrated young people are hanging out in a circle and chatting in a park. One young male character stands off to the side, outside of the circle. He turns his back to the group and looks visibly upset. He walks away from the group and sits on a bench next to a tree. He puts his headphones on.

A sound effect cues a speech bubble that appears above his head.

Text appears in the speech bubble: Can weed affect my health?

A leaf falls from the tree beside him. The young male character crosses his arms. Text appears on screen: Yes. Using at a young age, often and for a long time can impact your mental health.

Text appears on screen above the Government of Canada logo: Your cannabis questions, answered at

The Canada wordmark appears on screen.

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