Energy drinks

Transcript - Energy Drinks

Transcript - Energy Drinks

Noisy cafeteria.

Narrator - A quick scan around this jam-packed campus cafeteria and it's not coffee these students are reaching for to put a little pep in their step.

Student reaching for energy drink inside.

Sound of cash register.

Ben Beemer -- Student -- "I wake up, shower, maybe grab an energy drink and go to class. It's like a coffee, but tastes more like juice."

Student at cash register.

Student sipping on energy drink with lunch.

Narrator -- Coffee, juice and colas seem to be taking a back seat with these students, with energy drinks proving to be the beverage of choice first thing in the morning.

Student at cash register.

Student having energy drink with lunch.

Ben Raniere --Student -- "Helps me stay up…like…because I have 8 am classes and that means that I have to get up at 6 am to get here and it's sometimes hard to learn."

Students eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Student at cash register.

Student having energy drink with lunch.

Narrator -- So what's giving these kids the extra boost? Likely caffeine. But beware--the caffeine level in some energy drinks can be quite high--sometimes one can will have more than the recommended maximum daily intake for many children and teens.

Sports drinks.

Student having energy drink.

Student reading label of energy drink.

Fridge filled with energy drinks at store.

Unlike sports drinks with electrolytes, energy drinks don't replace lost fluids in the body; in fact they do quite the opposite. That's also why energy drinks should never be mixed with alcohol. The mixture can dehydrate you even faster than alcohol alone and you won't necessarily notice the effects on your body until it's too late.

Students in line to pay at school cafeteria.

Narrator -- So the next time you reach for an energy drink keep this in mind:

Nutrition label on a can of energy drink.

Energy drinks are not recommended for children and teens because of their high levels of caffeine and other ingredients. They should not be used with alcohol.

VISUALS- Graphic with bullets

  • Not recommended for children and teens.
  • This product contains high level of caffeine.
  • Do not use with alcohol

Students reading ingredients on label of energy drink.

Narrator -- For more information on energy drinks visit

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