Canada’s Food Guide: Eat Healthier at Home



Upbeat music starts.

Text on screen: Cooking at home is…

We see a plate with rice and cabbage beside a wooden spoon and metal cheese grater.

Text on screen: Good for your health

A man and his son laugh while cooking at a stove.

Text on screen: And your budget

A large piggy bank appears beside a loaf of whole grain bread.

Text on screen: Meal planning makes home cooking easier.

A woman and son are meal planning together. They write down recipes and ingredients from an opened recipe book.

A plate split into the sections of the Canadian food guide spins onto the screen before settling with half of the plate still visible on one side of the screen.

Text on screen: Canada’s food guide. Eat healthier at home. Get more tips and recipes at

Image on screen:  The Canadian Government logo with accompanying jingle

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