Use Canada’s food guide plate to make any meal - Described video



The image of Canada's food guide plate appears on the right side of the screen. Half of the plate is vegetables and fruits, one quarter of the plate is whole grain foods, and the remaining quarter of the plate is protein foods.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Use Canada’s food guide plate to make any meal

The Canada's food guide logo appears in the top left corner.

A new screen with a blue wooden background slides in. A wooden circular board rolls onto the screen from the left. The circular board is divided into the proportions of the Canada’s food guide plate—one half on the left and two quarters on the right.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Make half your plate vegetables and fruits

The left half of the plate turns white before fading away.

Multiple food items slide into the screen from various directions and stop on the circular board. A small bowl filled with cooked kidney beans slides into frame from the bottom and stops on the top right quarter of the board. A half loaf of whole grain bread slides in from the top and stops on the bottom right quarter of the board. A small bowl of corn kernels, followed by two carrots, an onion, a butternut squash and two sticks of celery slide in and stop on the left half of the circular board.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Three Sisters soup

A large pot on top of a hot plate slides into frame from the top and stops to the top right of the circular board. A wooden cutting board slides in from the bottom and stops beneath the pot. A small amount of oil appears in the pot, and the onion, celery and carrots become chopped as they are added. The vegetables in the pot begin to mix around. The half loaf of bread slides off of the circular board onto the wooden cutting board. The chopped garlic is added to the pot. The pot fills with vegetable broth. A slice of bread is cut from the loaf then cut half before the cutting board slides away to the right.

The broth and vegetables in the pot mix around. The butternut squash is removed from the board and appears diced in the pot, followed by the kidney beans and the corn.

The ingredients in the pot are mixed around before the pan slides up out of screen. The empty circular board rolls away to the left off screen.

A table runner unrolls from the left to the right of the screen. A bowl, cloth napkin, and spoon slide in from the bottom of the screen. A glass cup slides in from the top and stops above the plate to the left. The wooden cutting board with the piece of bread and the pot filled with the soup slide in from the top.

The soup gets added to the bowl along with a half slice of bread. The glass gets filled with water.

The cutting board and sauce pan slide to the top off screen. The soup begins to lower in the bowl before disappearing with the place setting.

The table runner rolls back up towards the left off screen.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Discover the food guide and recipes at

TEXT ON SCREEN- Canada wordmark with waving flag

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