Teach your kids safe cooking habits (Described video)



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Narrator: Whatever you're doing, they're watching.

A girl imitates her mother. They read in bed while twisting locks of their hair around their finger. Sitting on a couch, the same girl imitates her father. They stretch out and cross their legs as they watch TV.

The son imitates his mother. Sitting at the kitchen table, they concentrate on work while shaking their pens with their fingers. The son imitates his father. They wash their faces in front of side-by-side bathroom mirrors.

Narrator: Make sure you're modeling safe food handling habits by properly cleaning, (…)

The father washes his hands with soap and water before cooking.

Narrator: (…) separating, (…)

The father lays a fish filet on a clean cutting board and uses a clean kitchen knife to prepare it while his son is watching.

Narrator: (…) cooking, (…)

The mother inserts a digital cooking thermometer in the breast of a roast chicken as her son watches. The thermometer indicates 82 degrees Celsius (°C) and 180 degrees Farhenheit (°F).

Narrator: (…) and chilling your food.

The mother puts leftover food containers in a refrigerator. Her daughter is smiling at her while drying a dish.

Narrator: Learn how at canada.ca/foodsafety.

Image gets blurred and the URL canada.ca/foodsafety appears.

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Narrator: A message from the Government of Canada.

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