Health Canada's Hazardcheck guide

Transcript - Health Canada's Hazardcheck Guide

Transcript - Health Canada's Hazardcheck Guide

Narrator: Canadian houses are built to high standards but there can still be hazards inside any home. That's why Health Canada has unveiled a new program to make Canadian homes healthier.

Narrator: The new hazardcheck guide will help home owners detect environmental hazards including radon, carbon monoxide and mould.

Narrator: Scientists from Health Canada demonstrated how the guide's information can be put to use in a typical family home.

Kelley Bush- Radon Education and Awareness, Health Canada: " Radon gets into a home when it finds an opening where the house sits on the ground."

Narrator: The new guide shows home owners where and how they can test for radon in their home. It also has tips on how to detect the presence of carbon monoxide and explains why its important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Narrator: Checking for all three will make a home a safer place.

The honourable Leona Aglukaqq: " When it comes to our health in addition to thinking about outdoors issues like smog and freshwater quality we also need to consider the threats we could find within our homes."

Narrator: For a free copy of hazardcheck visit Or call 1-800-O-CANADA.

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