Injury Prevention – Do you know how to prevent injuries? - Described video

Transcript - Injury Prevention – Do you know how to prevent injuries?

A child and a parent appear on screen.

The child is sitting on a bicycle and wearing a helmet.

Video starts: sound of music and pop, pop, pop.

A series of protective equipment appears on the child in rapid succession. The child is now wearing a personal flotation device, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, safety goggles and is shaded by an umbrella.

Text appears on screen: Got questions about preventing injuries?

Video resumes.

The child looks at her father as though she is questioning the need for all of the protective equipment.

Her father shrugs with a perplexed look.

Video resumes.

The child rides away.

Text appears on screen: Get the answers you need on Healthy Canadians' Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. Join the Healthy Canadians conversation.

The Canada wordmark appears on screen.

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