How to make a plan to quit smoking (Described video)



Text on screen: Your quit plan

If you’re looking to quit smoking, making a quit plan can improve your chances.

Text on screen: What is a quit plan?

But what is a quit plan?

Basically, it’s a set of steps you can use to prepare your next quit attempt. A quit plan will help you think through challenges and how to overcome them. And if you’ve tried to quit before, you can use what you’ve learned in the past to help make this quit attempt successful.

Text on screen: How do you make a quit plan?

So how do you make one? Let’s walk through some of the key steps together.

Text on screen: Start

First, list your reasons for wanting to quit smoking.

Text on screen: 1. Clearly state your reasons for quitting

Is it for your health? Your family? Being reminded of your reasons can help keep you motivated.

Text on screen: 2. Identify your concerns and how to deal with them

Also, think about any concerns you might have and how you can deal with them.

Let’s say, you’re afraid it’ll be hard. You could plan to ask someone you trust for support.

Concerned about withdrawal symptoms? You might plan to call your doctor, or maybe the quitline.

Text on screen: 3. Identify your triggers

Next, identify your personal triggers. Is it stress? Seeing others smoke? Your coffee break? Understanding where and in what situations you smoke will help you prepare.

Text on screen: 4. Plan your response to cravings

When a craving hits, it will be easier to resist if you have a strategy in place for what to do instead. Some people go for a walk, others might grab a healthy snack.

Text on screen: Nicotine replacement therapy and medications can reduce cravings

Nicotine replacement therapy and other medications can help reduce the frequency and severity of cravings.

Text on screen: 5. Decide your overall approach

And, of course, you’ll need to decide how you want to quit. Combining the right tools and support can give you the best chance of success. If you’ve tried quitting before, what helped, what didn’t? What could you do differently?

Will you cut down over time or stop smoking all at once? Will you do it on your own or get support from friends, family or an app?

Will you use approved quit aids such as prescription medication? Nicotine patches or gum?

Text on screen: 6. Choose your tools and forms of support

Connecting with a quit coach?

And finally, pick a date to quit.

Text on screen: 7. Set a date to quit

Give yourself enough time to prepare, but don’t put it off.

Those are the basics of a quit plan.

You can create your own or visit our quit plan tool to make your plan online.

Having a plan can help you resist cravings, overcome challenges and stay motivated. And remember, you can do this!

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