National Addictions Awareness week 2023



Minister Saks:

It’s National Addictions Awareness week, a time for Canadians to learn more about addiction, talk openly about prevention, treatment and recovery, and reduce the stigma.

No one chooses to develop an addiction. It is a medical condition that affects the brain, and like any medical condition, it is treatable, it is deserving of care and it should be discussed with compassion.

Every person who is struggling with substance use is someone's loved one - a parent, child, sibling, friend, co-worker, or neighbour.

Every person who uses substances is on their own path and has their own unique needs. We need to see them. We need to be there for them. And we need to have a full range of services and supports available to help them towards recovery.

While I am keenly aware of the challenges we have in front of us, I am also inspired and energized by the work being done by organizations across the country.

To anyone who might be looking for help with substance use: When you’re ready, there are free and confidential services available.

You are not alone.

When we break down stigma, bring light to those who must be seen, embraced and given the care and services they need, people can ─ and do ─ get better.

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