Radon: What you need to know

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Green ‘radon’ molecules appear on the screen, the camera pulls back to find it’s one of many that make up the text - ‘50%’.

Narrator: Radon is a radioactive gas that represents almost 50% of a person’s lifetime radiation exposure.

The radon molecules dissolve and reform, into a green version of the Canadian flag. The radon molecules dissolve and reform into the message: number one cause in non- smokers. 

Narrator: It causes over 3,000 deaths in Canada each year, as it’s the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

The radon particles disperse and reveal a cross section of a house. Radon particles sweep upward from the soil beneath the house and into all the up and downstairs rooms.

Narrator: All homes have some level of radon, the only way to know if you have dangerous levels is to test. All homes need to be tested!

The camera moves down into the basement bedroom. On the bedside table is a radon test kit and a results report from the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program.

Narrator: You can do this either through a DIY radon test kit or by having a professional, certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program, come and test your home.

Radon particles are being absorbed into the radon test kit. A digital test kit flashes up on the screen showing the radon result of 402 Becquerels per cubic metre.

Narrator: If the testing shows your home is high in radon levels, don’t panic, it can be fixed at a reasonable cost.

The camera moves out from the bedroom to the wider cross section of the house to reveal the radon mitigation system attached to the inside of the basement wall. The mitigation system is sucking up radon gas beneath the home and exhausting it outside. 

Narrator: A radon mitigation system can be installed in less than a day and in most homes will reduce the radon level by more than 80%.

The green radon particles that have been exhausted from the home have formed into a stack of green dollar bills.

Narrator: Best of all, the cost of this installation isn’t all that bad. It’s about the same as a new air conditioner or furnace and it can actually increase the value of your cleaner, healthier home.

The stack of green dollar bills disperse and the camera moves to the living room on the main level of the home, where a family and a pet dog are living in a home with reduced radon levels.

Narrator: A radon mitigation system is effective, and it can save lives.

Image of family fades. 

Text on screen: TakeActionOnRadon.ca/test

Narrator: To find a DIY test kit or professional, go to TakeActiononRadon.ca/test.

Text on screen: Canada.ca/radon

Narrator: …and for more information on radon reduction, visit Canada.ca/radon.

The Canada wordmark with a waving flag appears.

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