Planning a renovation? Asbestos - what you need to know

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Transcript - Planning a renovation? Asbestos - what you need to know.

(A man and woman walk in to their kitchen holding a blueprint for a renovation. A construction contractor joins them and together they begin studying the blueprint.)

Planning a home renovation?

Before you start, have your home tested for asbestos by a professional.

(The camera zooms in slowly on the blueprint image which shows a cross section of the couple's home from the basement to the attic.)

Asbestos was used in a variety of building materials in some homes built before 1990.

(The couple and the contractor now appear in the blueprint; they are surrounded on all sides by the sketch images of their kitchen.)

If you disturb materials containing asbestos, fibers can get into the air.

(The couple explores the blueprint version of their home as the contractor shows them where they might find asbestos in all parts of their home.  Text on screen appears to list potentially problematic building materials. )

Materials can include:

...and more.

Breathing in asbestos fibers can pose a serious health risk, including cancer and other illnesses.

(The camera zooms out of the blueprint and the couple and the contractor are back in the kitchen. Satisfied, they shake hands and the contractor leaves.)

If asbestos is found in your home, always hire a professional who is qualified to manage or remove it.

Never disturb or try to remove asbestos yourself.

(The couple roll up the blueprint and a web address is revealed on the counter top.)

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