Reusable grocery bags and bins

Transcript - Reusable Grocery Bags and Bins

Transcript - Reusable Grocery Bags and Bins

Woman grocery shopping with baby.

Amber Dawn Smith - concerned shopper - " Sometimes when I'm at my husband's ultimate games I'll see people with their extra clothes in there and their running shoes and cleats and I've actually seen people leave the gym with dirty clothes in there as well."

Reusable bag with running shoes and gym clothes.

Woman going to gym locker room with reusable bag.

Reusable bags on the ground at a local market.

Narrator - They're everywhere and not just for carrying groceries anymore. Reusable bags can be found from the gym to the laundromat.

Woman walking with reusable bags.

Couple at cash using a reusable bag.

Narrator - While environmentally friendly, bags or bins can pick up bacteria from the foods they carry.

Cashier packing groceries in a cloth reusable bag.

Sound up of cashier ringing in items.

Narrator - So what can you do to protect you and your family? Well, here are some tips that can help lower the risk of cross-contamination:

Placing cloth reusable bag in the washing machine.

Wiping down plastic bag with hot soapy water.

Sound of door of washing machine being shut.

Graphic - Wash reusable grocery bags and bins frequently.

Narrator: Wash cloth bags frequently, especially after carrying fresh produce, meat, poultry or fish. If your bag is not machine washable, turn the bag inside out and use hot soapy water to wipe it clean.

Graphic - Use clear plastic bags for meats and produce.

Placing poultry inside clear plastic bag.

Placing onions in clear plastic bag.

Narrator - Place your meat, poultry or fish in plastic bags, such as the clear bags you can find in the produce and some meat sections. Fresh produce should also always be placed in plastic bags as well.

Graphic - Keep meats and produce separate from other food.

Separate reusable grocery bags for meats, fresh produce and dried/canned foods.

Narrator - Pack your meats and fresh produce in their own bags, separate from canned and dried goods.

Graphic - If juices have leaked wash before using them again.

Wiping down bin with hot soapy water.

Narrator - If you notice that juices from your food have leaked into the bag or bin, make sure you wash them before using them again.

Graphic - Wash after storing or transporting non-food items.

Rinsing bin with water.

Sound of water from kitchen faucet.

Narrator - If you notice that juices from your food have leaked into the bag or bin, make sure you wash them before using them again. If you are using your grocery bags or bins to store or transport non-food items, they should be thoroughly washed before using them for groceries.

Woman putting reusable grocery bags and gym bag in car trunk.

Narrator - So what's in your bag? Take a look...stay safe... and look for more food safety tips and information on the safe use of reusable grocery bags and bins at

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