Rodent control

Transcript - Rodent Control

Transcript - Rodent Control

First line of defence when controlling rats and mice?

Traps, and if that doesn't work, you may need to turn to pesticides for rodents called rodenticides.

It's recommended for you to always use bait stations when applying rodenticides.

And bait stations can be purchased separately in hardware stores or home improvement stores and also online.

The rodenticide has a little post to sit on to secure it in place so it can't tip over.

Edie Sauvé is a professional pest control operator and says there are certain places to avoid when putting bait stations in your home and keeping your family safe.

We're always putting them in areas where children and pets can't access them.

So behind heavy furniture if we choose to put it in there in the first place.

And in concealed areas such as attics and basements where they don't have access to them.

It's important to read the label directions and safety precautions before using any rodenticide and use only as directed.

Also, remember rodenticides are poisonous and Health Canada reminds us to be careful when handling and storing.

You should wear rubber gloves and wash your hands carefully when you're done using the rodenticides.

You should also always store rodenticides away from food.

And finally if you have special concerns about the safe use of rodenticide, you may consider hiring a professional instead of doing the treatment yourself.

Health Canada is introducing new measures to keep your children and pets safe.

Until then, you should still use all rodenticide products in a tamper-proof bait station to protect your family's safety.

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