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Transcript - Steve Pollard – Hepatitis C Survivor - Described video

[A man walks through a park and takes a seat at a table. A graphic identifies him as Steve Pollard, Hepatitis C survivor.]

My name is Steve Pollard and I'm a survivor of hepatitis C. I do not know how I was infected. It was in fact in my body for approximately two decades without my knowledge.

This did lead me to two liver transplants. In 2009 I started to feel ill and almost immediately they figured out that I had hepatitis C and it was eating away at my liver.

The first liver transplant was exciting: it was like winning the Super Bowl, you know. Finally I get to have a gift of life and unfortunately it wasn't a perfect match for my body.

The second transplant came along after spending seven and a half months in the hospital.

It was far easier, it took right away. My jaundice immediately left my body.

Unfortunately after the second transplant the hepatitis C had recycled itself in my body - meaning that it was now eating at my brand-new liver that was functioning perfectly.

Shortly thereafter, it came to light that there was new trial treatments becoming available for hepatitis C and my specialist strongly figured that this was the cure. The medication that is now available is one pill a day, in most cases. Some different medications might be two pills a day, for a few weeks. It's not much more side-effect than taking a vitamin in the morning. Your energy immediately fluctuates meaning you're going to feel better and you're cured!

The consequences of not getting tested:  eventually undetected hepatitis C will try to take your life.

[Graphic: Symptoms of hepatitis C

You may have hepatitis C and not have any signs or symptoms.

For those who do have symptoms, you may experience:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Joint pain
  • Dark urine
  • Pale feces
  • Stomach pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) ]

There are still approximately a quarter of a million Canadians affected by hepatitis C and half of them don't know that they have it. This disease is very easily eradicated. But we need Canadians to come forward; we need them to get tested, to get this taken care of.

[Graphic: For more information

Hepatitis C can be diagnosed through a blood test.

If you think you are at risk, talk to your healthcare provider.

Find out more: and search Hepatitis C. ]

[Graphic: The Public Health Agency of Canada. Government of Canada wordmark.]

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