Stop Illegal Marketing of Drugs and Devices Program - Described video



Blurred wide shot of a man and a woman in the background, speaking to one another.

Text on screen: You can help stop illegal advertising of drugs and medical devices.

Blurred wide shot comes in focus and man and woman walk towards camera, out of frame.

Wide shot of the two groups meeting and talking together.

Cut to medium shot of three health care professionals in white lab coats, a man and two women looking over a pamphlet and talking as they walk towards camera.

Cut to laptop and full screen shot of the Health Canada website, Illegal Marketing of Drugs and Devices portal.

Closeup of hands typing on the laptop keyboard followed by closeup of the Illegal Marketing of Drugs and Devices portal's home page.

Close up of the online tool page used to report illegal practices.

Cut to wide shot of the 3 health care professionals meeting two other people, shaking hands and engaging in conversation.

Text on screen: You report, you protect.

Black background with text on screen: Learn more at:

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