Teen vaping and nicotine (Described video)



Vintage film.


A dog wearing a plaid shirt and glasses sits at a computer, then, a young man wearing a yellow hoodie.

Bright yellow images of a brain scan, a collage of eyeballs, a smiley-face emoji, and a young woman meditating with her eyes closed. Then, a sad-face emoji superimposed over a clock face.

He reads from his phone.

A young man runs his hands through his hair in frustration. The vintage film.

A young woman silently screams. A hand breaks a pencil. Another young woman at a desk frantically rubs her head and exhales. A sad-face emoji appears over her face.

Graphic of a brain.

Swirling black and yellow graphics, then a cartoon character with tears running down their face.

Images of an eye quickly approaching the camera, nerve endings, a trembling chihuahua, and an hourglass. A young woman grimaces and rubs her temples.

Words on screen: Support is available to help you quit. Speak to your health care provider. Canada dot c-a slash vaping hyphen info. Government of Canada logo.

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