Establishment of the Canada Energy Regulator Roster

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August 5, 2020 — In consultation with the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change has established the Canada Energy Regulator Roster (CER Roster) under the Impact Assessment Act (IAA). The CER Roster identifies individuals who are eligible for appointment as members of a project-specific integrated Review Panel for designated projects that include activities regulated under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act.

The intent of the CER Roster is to facilitate the selection of individuals for appointment to integrated Review Panels with the CER by providing the Agency with a pool of pre-screened and qualified potential panel members or chairpersons. The IAA requires that an integrated Review Panel with the CER include at least one member from the CER Roster.

All five individuals are Commissioners of the CER and meet the qualifications outlined in the IAA. The CER Roster members appointed have knowledge or experience relevant to a designated project’s anticipated effects, or have knowledge of interests and concerns of the Indigenous peoples of Canada that are relevant to the assessment.

The individuals are Damien Côté, Kathy Penney, Mark Watton, Stephania Luciuk, and Trena Grimoldby.

Biographies of the CER Roster members are available on the CER website at

Additional members of the CER Roster may be identified by the Agency in collaboration with the CER and approved by the Minister as needed.

For more information on integrated Review Panels, please visit

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