New Members Appointed to Review Panel Roster

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March 23, 2018 — The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has renewed the Review Panel Roster. The Roster identifies individuals who are eligible for appointment by the Minister as members or chairpersons for environmental assessments conducted by review panels.

The intent of the Review Panel Roster is to facilitate the selection of members or chairpersons for appointment to independent review panels under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.

The Review Panel Roster members were selected based on their knowledge or experience relevant to environmental assessment and public consultation processes, their expertise relating to fish and fish habitat, migratory birds, or species at risk, and/or their knowledge of Indigenous cultures and Aboriginal or Treaty rights.

The following individuals have been appointed to the Roster and may be selected for upcoming appointment by the Minister to future independent review panels:

  • Bangay, Garth
  • Banister, Ken
  • Beanlands, Dr. Gordon
  • Beaudet, Jocelyne
  • Bietz, Dr. Brian
  • Bruce, Laurie
  • Cooke, Les
  • Corrigan, Dianne
  • DePape, Denis
  • Drescher, Gay
  • Green, George
  • Griffiths, Lesley
  • Heathcote, Dr. Isobel
  • Kennedy, Dr. Alan
  • Klassen , William
  • Levy, Dr. David
  • Matthews, Hans
  • Morin, Nalaine
  • Perras, Jean
  • Sewell, Jeff
  • Steyn, Dr. Douw
  • Stuckless, Dan
  • Valiela, Dr. Diana

Additional roster candidates may be identified by the Agency and approved by the Minister as needed.

For more information on review panels, visit the Agency’s website at

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