Declaration of the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence



The Participants wishing to partake in the work of the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) commit to the following:

  1. The Participants will participate in the work of the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence to shape it into a global point of reference for understanding and sharing multidisciplinary research results on artificial intelligence (AI) issues and best practices, as well as convening international artificial intelligence initiatives.
  2. Through IPAI, the Participants will: 1) support and guide the responsible development, use and adoption of AI that is human-centric and grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity and innovation, while encouraging economic growth; 2) facilitate international collaboration in a multistakeholder manner; and 3) monitor and draw on work being done domestically and internationally to identify gaps, maximize coordination and facilitate international collaboration on AI.
  3. The Participants commit to the following shared values, including in their development, use and adoption of AI. These shared values are cross-cutting and interconnected. In some cases, they may be in tension with one another, and Participants will need to prioritize their efforts as appropriate. The shared values should therefore be read and interpreted together.
    • 3.1. Promote a human-centric and ethical approach to AI, grounded in human rights—maximize the benefits of AI to improve the well-being of humankind;
    • 3.2. Support a multistakeholder approach to AI—support collaboration and discussions on AI that include active participation by the scientific community, academia, the private sector, civil society, related international organizations and governments;
    • 3.3. Stimulate innovation, growth and well-being through AI—promote cross-sectoral innovation and drive inclusive and sustainable economic growth, while respecting ethical principles;
    • 3.4. Align efforts on AI with the principles of sustainable development and the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development—support the development, use and adoption of AI to address the global challenges we face as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to help promote the equitable sharing of benefits and reduce digital divides, with a particular focus on developing countries and the advancement of gender equality;
    • 3.5. Strengthen diversity and inclusion through AI—strive for AI to be developed and used to include and benefit all populations, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized;
    • 3.6. Foster transparency and openness of AI systems—support participation in multilateral transparency initiatives, support an open environment for AI systems that includes the transparency of AI-based decisions, and encourage public and private investment, wherever possible, in open datasets, open models and open source software;
    • 3.7. Foster trust and accountability in AI—create the conditions for greater trust in AI by increasing accountability in AI development, use and adoption through sound data protection, digital security, and robust privacy and ethical frameworks;
    • 3.8. Promote and protect democratic values, processes and institutions—promote and protect democratic values, including democratic institutions and processes, the rule of law, the free market, respect for human rights, the freedom of the press, access to information and civil society space;
    • 3.9. Bridge digital divides—undertake to close digital divides (access, skills, benefits) that prevent certain populations from accessing and benefiting from AI, with a particular focus on developing countries and women and girls; and
    • 3.10. Promote international scientific collaboration on AI—work toward greater international scientific collaboration on AI, including by working to identify and address key research questions.
  4. The participants commit to participating in the work of IPAI in accordance with the Terms of Reference for IPAI.
  5. This declaration should be revised over time as the field of artificial intelligence continues to mature, accordingly with IPAI governance. This declaration, and the governance structure of IPAI, should be reviewed no more than three years after the launch of IPAI to determine whether and how the initiative should be adjusted to ensure it responds to evolving AI challenges and opportunities.

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