Connect to Innovate Program – Projects in Nova Scotia


The following table shows a breakdown of 27 projects in Nova Scotia included in an announcement made by the Government of Canada on May 4, 2018.

Communities/Counties Funding Recipient Connect to Innovate Funding
Northwest Cove, Bayswater, Upper Blandford Bell Canada $288,969 
Clementsvale, Virginia East Bell Canada $203,693
Greenfield, Pleasant River, Maitland Bridge, Middlefield Bell Canada $389,339
Lawrencetown Bell Canada $448,658
Gunning Cove, Ingomar, Roseway, North East Harbour Bell Canada $300,025
South Side, Stoney Island, The Hawk, Newellton Bell Canada $481,052
Digby (North Range) Bell Canada $786,971
Lunenburg and Queens counties TNC Wireless LTD $2,870,156
Victoria Beach, Port Royal, Delaps Cove, Parkers Cove, Hillsburn, Litchfield, Phinneys Cove, Youngs Cove, Hampton, Port Lorne, Port Wade, Margaretsville Municipality of the County of Annapolis $2,918,402
Central Chebogue Eastlink $75,000
Bayport, Kingsburg, Feltzen South Eastlink $337,500
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Eastlink $988,027
Petite Rivière Eastlink $153,750
Sandford Eastlink


Gavelton Eastlink $110,155
New Salem, Apple River Bell Canada $217,058
West Lochaber, North Lochaber Bell Canada $113,850
Fourchu Bell Canada $80,850
Eden Lake, McPhersons Mills, Blue Mountain Bell Canada $299,558
St. Margaret Village Bell Canada $149,325
Diligent River Bell Canada $119,625
Chignecto, Halfway River Bell Canada $213,098
Prospect Eastlink $70,050
Canning, Black Rock, East Dalhousie, Halls Harbour, Kingsport, Sheffield Mills, Lower Blomidon, Upper Canard, Baxters Harbour, North Grand Pré Municipality of the County of Kings $5,605,912
Scots Bay Bell Canada $88,275
Glooscap First Nation Bell Canada $49,833
East Walton, Minasville, Ashdale Bell Canada $250,223

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