Governments of Canada and Ontario invest over $56 million to bring high-speed Internet access to over 16,000 rural homes in eastern Ontario


On October 26, 2022, the Honourable Gudie Hutchings, Minister of Rural Economic Development, along with Amarjot Sandhu, Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario's Minister of Infrastructure, on behalf of the Honourable Kinga Surma, Ontario's Minister of Infrastructure, announced the following high-speed Internet projects:

Internet service provider Combined provincial and federal funding Communities to benefit Number of households to be served Project completion date

Cogeco Connexion Inc.

Up to $1,931,158

Greenhurst-Thurstonia, Omemee, Pleasant Point


March 2024

Bell Canada

Up to $23,742,228

Alpine Village, Bancroft, Baptiste, Birds Creek, Bridgenorth, Buckhorn, Burleigh Falls, Curve Lake, Detlor, Fife's Bay, Fort Stewart, Highland Grove, Lakeview Estates, L'Amable, Maple Leaf, Maynooth, McArthurs Mills, Mississagua Landing, Paudash, Youngs Point, Youngstown


March 2025

Bell Canada

Up to $30,764,039

Alpine Village, Bobcaygeon, Bolsover, Burnt River, Carnarvon, Coboconk, Eagle Lake, Fort Irwin, Gooderham, Haliburton, Horseshoe Lake, Ingoldsby, Irondale, Kirkfield, Lakeview Estates, Lochlin, Lutterworth, Minden, Moore Falls, Norland, Peterson Corner, Rosedale, Tory Hill, Victoria Place, Victoria Road, West Guilford


December 2025

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