Backgrounder: Governments of Canada and Alberta to bring high-speed Internet access to communities across the province


On June 14, 2024, the Honourable Gudie Hutchings, Minister of Rural Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, together with the Honourable Nate Glubish, Alberta's Minister of Technology and Innovation, announced over $153 million in combined federal and provincial funding to bring high-speed Internet access to over 14,400 underserved households in rural and remote communities across Alberta. The federal contribution was made under the Universal Broadband Fund (UBF).

Here is an overview of Alberta's connectivity status:

  • In 2017, 82.6% of Alberta was connected to high-speed Internet (at least 50 megabits per second [Mbps] download /10 Mbps upload).
  • Currently, 89.4% of Alberta is connected to high-speed Internet (at least 50 Mbps download /10 Mbps upload).
  • In 2026, 97.7% of Alberta is projected to be connected to high-speed Internet (at least 50 Mbps download /10 Mbps upload).

The communities that will benefit from improved Internet speeds thanks to projects that are co-funded by the governments of Canada and Alberta are as follows:

Internet service provider Combined UBF and provincial funding Number of households to be covered Communities to benefit Technology (last mile) Estimated completion date
UBF-01759 (Swan River First Nation) $1,350,828 149 (all Indigenous) Swan River First Nation Fibre December 2024
UBF-02796 (Smith's Landing First Nation and Northwestel Inc.) $756,846 23, of which 20 are Indigenous Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Settlement (Smith's Landing First Nation), Smith's Landing First Nation Fibre March 2025
UBF-02891 (TELUS Communications Company) $4,612,994 916, of which 416 are Indigenous Anzac, Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, Conklin, Gregoire Lake Estates, Fort McKay First Nation, Draper, Janvier Fibre June 2024
UBF-03250 (Clearwater County) $2,332,741 337 Martins Trailer Court, Ferrier Acres, Ullin, Crimson Lake Fibre March 2026
UBF-03459 (Slave Lake Communications Ltd.) $2,453,040 186 Marten Beach Fibre March 2027
UBF-03460 (Slave Lake Communications Ltd.) $5,722,295 514, of which 4 are Indigenous Canyon Creek, Sawridge First Nation, Widewater, Wagner Fibre March 2027
UBF-05330 (TELUS Communications Company) $374,596 323, of which 119 are Indigenous Chipewyan Indian Reserve No. 201A (Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation), Dog Head No. 218 (Mikisew Cree First Nation), Fort Chipewyan Fixed wireless December 2024
UBF-05375 (TELUS Communications Company) $174,170 110 Burmis, Beaver Mines Fixed wireless December 2025
UBF-05391 (TELUS Communications Company) $181,966 117 Suffield, Ralston Fixed wireless March 2027
UBF-05649 (TELUS Communications Company) $179,872 36 Chipewyan Lake Fixed wireless March 2027
UBF-05746 (TELUS Communications Company) $195,170 28 Cynthia Fixed wireless March 2027
UBF-05767 (TELUS Communications Company) $184,216 99 Cadomin Fixed wireless March 2027
UBF-05775 (TELUS Communications Company) $215,362 38 Hazell Fixed wireless December 2026
UBF-06290 (TELUS Communications Company) $181,966 61 La Corey Fixed wireless December 2025
UBF-06366 (TELUS Communications Company) $181,968 25 Triple Diamond RV Park Fixed wireless December 2026
UBF-06373 (MCSnet) $6,712,200 705 Ardmore, Thorhild, Cherry Grove, La Corey (Happy Hollow) Fibre March 2026
UBF-06539 (TELUS Communications Company) $195,170 41 Lodgepole Fixed wireless March 2027
UBF-07119 (Clearwater County) $32,332,828 873 Chedderville, Burnstick Lake, Butte, Caroline, Crammond Fibre March 2026
UBF-07121 (Clearwater County) $13,861,734 315 Codner Fibre March 2026
UBF-07122 (Clearwater County) $9,256,528 160 Carlos Fibre March 2026
UBF-07123 (Clearwater County) $4,944,592 299 Nordegg, Saunders, Horburg Fibre March 2026
UBF-35790 (Xplore) $63,213,892 8,888 Coutts, Milk River, Warner, Grassy Lake, Johnson's Addition, Barnwell, Taber, Purple Springs, Fincastle, Okotoks, Provost, Bashaw, Rochon Sands, White Sands, Cochrane, Cochrane Lake Subdivision, De Winton, Sundre, Bentley, Gull Lake, Parkland Beach, Meeting Creek, Killam, Viking, Tofield, Mulhurst, Poplar Bay, Grandview, Crystal Springs, Ma-Me-O Beach, Silver Beach, Argentia Beach, Golden Days, Sundance Beach, Two Hills, Bruderheim, Ardrossan, Cooking Lake, Collingwood Cove, Half Moon Estates, Beaumont, Rolly View, Spring Lake, Willingdon, Clearwater Estates, Crystal Meadows, Dawn Valley, Garden Grove Estates, Green Acre Estates, Hubbles Lake, Panorama Heights, Peterburn Estates, Rolling Heights, Westlake Estates, Athabasca, Island Lake, Island Lake South, Whispering Hills, West Baptiste, South Baptiste, Sunset Beach, Pipestone, Raymond Shores, Meridian Beach, Wilson's Beach, Birch Bay, Sandy Point, Dorchester Ranch, Bearspaw, Springbank Fibre March 2027
UBF-3509 (Lubicon Lake Band #453 / Mighty Peace Wireless) $2,480,312 118 (all Indigenous) Little Buffalo (Lubicon Lake) Fibre December 2026
UBF-04760 (Kananaskis Improvement District) $1,118,871 68 Kananaskis Village Area Fibre December 2025

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