SONAR – The Royal Canadian Navy's official Mascot

The Royal Canadian Navy’s mascot, SONAR, who is based on a Newfoundland dog, was "recruited" into the navy in 2010 as part of the navy’s centennial celebrations.

The name SONAR was chosen from a cross-Canada contest which encouraged youth to submit potential names. From the hundreds of names received, Vice-Admiral (Retired) Dean McFadden, then Chief of the Maritime Staff, chose the name SONAR. "Naming our mascot SONAR captures the proud history of the Canadian navy and its role in anti-submarine warfare," said Vice- Admiral McFadden, "and it being a Newfoundland dog, it denotes the characteristics we hold important; being ever vigilant, watchful, protective and loyal."

Ship's mascots, especially dogs, have been part of navies since the first ships sailed from their home ports. Used for many purposes, including security and companionship for crews, mascots are important members of any navy.

SONAR acts as a proud ambassador for the RCN and may be requested to attend a variety of larger gatherings such as community parades and sporting events.

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