There has been only one vessel named CC2 in the Royal Canadian Navy.

CC2 / Submarine


CC2 and her sister CC1 were the first submarines acquired by the RCN. Originally named Antofagasta, CC2 was built at Seattle, WA, for the Chilean government. However, the deal with the Chilean government fell through, and on the eve of the First World War, CC1 and CC2 were purchased by the premier of British Columbia, Sir Richard McBride. The Dominion government ratified the purchase and on 6 August the two boats were commissioned as CC1 and CC2 because of their resemblance to the British “C”-class submarines. After three years of cruising and training on the west coast they were ordered to Europe, and on 21 June 1917, set out for Halifax with their mother ship Shearwater. They were the first warships ever to transit the Panama Canal under the White Ensign. Unfit for a transatlantic crossing, they remained at Halifax until sold for scrap five years later.


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