C.D. 1-100 / Minesweeping Patrol Drifters

C.D. 27

These wooden-hulled drifters were built along the same lines as those for the Royal Navy. All were launched during 1917, and thirty-seven are supposed to have been commissioned before the end of the war. They were intended for minesweeping and patrol duty, mostly in the Gulf of St Lawrence, but also fourteen served with the RN at Gibraltar, six at Bermuda and five in West Africa from 1918 to 1919. A further eighteen were lent to the USN during the same period. They found ready commercial employment after the war, and a few served in the RN from 1939 to 1945. Three of the drifters, unnumbered, were destroyed before being completed, by a fire at the Canadian Steamship Lines plant at Sorel on 19 June 1917.


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