There has been only one vessel named CH 15 in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS CH 15 / H-class Submarine


CH 15 and her sister ship, CH 14,  were Canadian members of the British “H” class, two of ten built during the First World War at Quincy, Massachusetts. H 14 and H 15 were on their way to Britain when hostilities ended, and were rerouted to Bermuda. Presented as a gift to the RCN, they were commissioned at Halifax as CH 14 and CH 15. The ships saw little use, although they did stage a dramatic attack on Halifax as part of a training exercise in August 1921. CH 14 and CH 15 were paid off in 1922 and sold for scrap five years later. This would mark the end of the RCN submarine force until 1961.


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